Because we all know that it's the little things in life that make it worth living, we can make life more worth living to others by giving them little things: a smile, a greeting while walking past a stranger, a hug for a family member, etc. It's also common understanding that 'what comes around, goes around.' Thus, we can improve our own lives to the degree that we give these little things. We understand these fundamental life principles, yet we can always practice them more.

The sum of all your decisions shape your world. In turn, every moment is an opportunity to be the example of the way you think the world should be. We would like to see a world in which hugs are given freely to strangers, where everyone dances without fear, where no one is shamed in any way, where people engage in living instead of watching others (on tv), and where people share instead of hoard. Whatever you believe the world should be starts with you and your participation in it.

There are no ulterior motives: we don't want your money, your time, or anything else precious to you. We'd rather set an example of giving; to our family, our neighbors, and strangers. The river that runs through you, also runs through them.

Join us in spreading good vibes and ripples because right now is our time to shine!